From Cape Breton Island…

Epic Ride, Day 51:

I woke up to rain in Lunenburg.  I don’t mind riding in rain too much, but I hate starting a ride in the rain, so I ate a leisurely breakfast and waited around Lunenburg till it dried up.  I finally got out of town at a bit after 12.

I rode past Halifax and back towards Truro, a town I’d gone past on Tuesday as I was going from the north side of the Bay of Fundy to the south side and Maitland.

From there north, the ride was pretty and fast.  I had the only delay of the day on the CANSO causeway over to Cape Breton Island.  A ship was being locked out of the Bras d’Or Lake into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  The ride north was mostly along the Bras d’Or Lakes (I’m sure someone will tell me how to spell that!), a favorite cruising ground for American sailors.  I can see why… there looked to be many coves and quiet anchorages plus beautiful protected waters.

Not long after passing the last exit for the Cabot Trail, a much cherished motorcycle route that I’ll take later this week or early next week, I climbed up over the flank of Mount Kelly and dropped down to New Harris, where I can’t see anything but the KOA where I’m camped tonight.

As I was leaving the office after checking in, Paul, a Harley-rider from Kentucky was coming in the door.  We ate supper together and after talking to Paul, I decided to take the night ferry from North Sidney Harbor to Port Aux Basques, Newfounland, with him tomorrow night.  We’ll be at the ferry before 9:30 to start boarding.  The ferry departs at 11:45PM and the voyage takes 5-7 hours, so I’ll guess we’ll get to Newfoundland in the dark on Monday morning.

I’ll edit this post with more pictures tomorrow night.

Stats:  Day, 311 miles; Trip, 16,530 miles; Year, 22,531 miles; Total, 74,496 miles.

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3 thoughts on “From Cape Breton Island…

  1. Jerry Gowen Cog 19

    You HAVE to do Gros Morne on the Western coast on the way to Anse Medows the northern point of NF. Take the boat ride down Western brook pond. You going over to Labrador from St Barbie? You will know what desolation is over there. When you get back to NS, go down west coast. Just before Pleasant bay ask around to see if the Buddist Abby is still there. With any luck it is and they will invite you for dinner like they did us when we were there.

    • Thanks, Jerry, good tips. I’ll do all that.

      Phil Tarman Fort Morgan, CO NT700VA — “Dudley” (66,000+ miles) IBA Premier Member # 5811: SS1000 ( x 2) , BB1500 Follow the “Epic Ride” at

      > Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 02:58:58 +0000 > To: >

    • Jerry, I’m riding with a guy I met last night and he’s going from Newfoundland to Labrador and he wants to go from L’Anse-Au-Clair to Goose Bay. Somebody told him that the road from there to Goose Bay is paved. It wasn’t the last I heard. Do you know?

      Phil Tarman Fort Morgan, CO NT700VA — “Dudley” (66,000+ miles) IBA Premier Member # 5811: SS1000 ( x 2) , BB1500 Follow the “Epic Ride” at

      > Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 02:58:58 +0000 > To: >

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