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Canada, Oh Canada!

July 18, Epic Ride Day 9:

We’re sitting in a combination Wendy’s/Tim Hortons in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.  We’re trying to find a  campground for tonight and being baffled by the resources for camping that were given us by the nice people at the Alberta Visitor’s Center at Crowsnest Pass.  We’ve given up and are ready to just ride west toward Banff looking at campgrounds as we go.  (Written on Thursday at 6:00 PM)

(A Friday update at 8:30 AM)  Now we’re in beautiful downtown Banff, the loveliest, cleanest, and best-maintained tourist trap I’ve ever seen, surrounded by magnificent mountains.


This was the view from our campground this morning (although you had to be standing in front of the restroom to see it for all the trees.  I’m up to about 2800 miles on the trip and we’ve been averaging only about 300 miles a day.

Jim must be getting frustrated with my camping “skills.”  He has his tent up and ready for bed in about ten minutes and says he can be ready to ride in 1/2 hour.  Not me.  I’m getting to the point where I’m ready for bed in about 35-40 minutes and this morning I was packed and loaded in about an 1 1/2 hours.  I’m getting better.

Today, we’ll be riding along the Icefields Parkway and I think we should make it to Grande Prairie, which will put us on the Alaskan Highway tomorrow.  Camping is working well and we probably won’t spend the money for a motel, although today or tomorrow will be a mandatory laundry day for me.  I’m out of underwear and socks and not quite ready to try the old trick of turning things inside-out and then back-for-front (even though that lets every pair of underwear last four days!).

I’m should have recharged my camera battery at the campground last night and hope I’ll have enough left to get some pix of the glaciers and Lake Louise.

I’ll update and post pictures and stats next time we have internet access.

Stats:  Day, 293 miles; Trip, 2,527 miles.

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