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Another Sensational Day…

July 23, Epic Ride Day 14:

We were late leaving Tok because we had to get Jim’s tire situation figured out.  He didn’t lose any air overnight.  In fact, his tire apparently made some of its own.  Overnight his tire pressure increased from 39 to 40 1/2 psi.  He ordered a PR3 that should be in Fairbanks by Friday.  We should be there then, too.  If not Friday, then for sure Saturday.

I’m on the world’s slowest internet connection tonight, so no pictures and not many words.

Stats:  Day’s ride: only 255 miles; Trip Mileage: 4,575; Year’s mileage: 10,488.

BTW, we’re in Valdez.  Tomorrow we’ll head for Anchorage and Seward, and eat supper tomorrow night with Marcus (freezingalaskan on the NT forum.

I’ll try to post some pictures of today’s ride tomorrow.

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