Almost into Canada

July 17, Epic Ride Day 8:

We are in Eureka, MT, 7 miles south of the Port of Rooseville, our entry point into Canada.  We’ve had another good day of riding, almost all of it on US-93, from Salmon to Missoula, to St. Ignatius, to just east of Polson, MT, where we detoured around the east side of Flathead Lake.

Tomorrow we’re going to have to abandon our “strategy” of riding until time to stop and then finding a campsite.  We suspect that won’t work so well up around Banff and Lake Louise.  But we’re going to have to get information we don’t have now.  We’ll be checking into getting Canadian money before we cross the border tomorrow.

I rolled over 60,000 miles on the bike this morning, just before we entered Montana.  Missed it by 10 miles.

We’re over 2,000 for the trip (Jim is considerably over that, since he came from Wisconsin, an hour or so east of Duluth to join me at Spearfish.

I’ll need some time to work with this blog before I can get pictures posted.  It’ll happen — I promise!

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2 thoughts on “Almost into Canada

  1. Mike Simmons

    I’ve been following you on Spotwalla every morning and evening. From the maps it looks like to are riding thru some beautiful territory. I am turning greener with envy each day. Enjoy the trip! Ride Safe!


  2. Brenda and Mike

    Hello to you guys and glad all is going well. It is with fond memories in reading your posts as Eureka MT was the stop over Mike and I had when coming back from Alaska a few yrs ago! Jim you are REAL happy you are not here in WI with the flies yuck.
    Mike and I head out Sat moring for either out west or the Ozarks will flip a coin at 8 am Sat to decide.Will keep track of you guys and see if you can camp at a hot srings when up by Banff.
    Brenda Jim R sister-in law

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