The Shortest Post…

I’ve been at my old high-school friend’s house since Thursday night, having a wonderful time reconnecting with him and enjoying being on the water in his boats.

I’m leaving in a bit to head west.  I’ll meet Karl from the NT-Owners Forum at about 10:30, then get towards home as rapidly as weather and energy level will allow.

Fort Morgan has had some flooding, several friends and colleagues in other parts of the Colorado have been forced from their homes, but Joanne and our place is well above the water level.  I shouldn’t have any trouble getting home, but I’ll be monitoring the condition of I-80.

More later!

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6 thoughts on “The Shortest Post…

  1. Let me know when you come past Kearney if you have time to stop for coffee! Ralph

  2. Ken Harrell

    Phil, Your trip has been great fun to follow. We got great descriptions of scenic stuff, great pictures, and also some great history lessons about the places you visited. And, considering the mishap-potential factor of riding a motorcycle on 18,000-mile trip, it is so great that everything stayed up-right along the way, and that no large solid objects got in your way…..very good skills on you part, and you paid close attention, especially considering that you rode on some very busy highways. My back-dirt-roads dual-sport riding is so much less intense than the riding you’ve done on this long trip, that I really have to give you credit for staying safe.

    When you get home are you going to give me some training on how to use my Garmen ZUMO beyond just looking at the “View Maps” page? Between that thing and my new Apple 4S smart phone, I’ve got a bad case of DDS….”Digital Dumbness Syndrome” . Overall, I’d rather just ride my bike and look at the scenery than be messing with that electronic stuff.

    Pay close attention to those semi trucks on I-80. Ken Harrell

  3. Ron & Cathie

    Phil, we are so glad that your trip has been the fine experience that it seems to have been for you! The contacts you have made as well as the chance to visit with relatives and old friends has been remarkable. We are very pleased to know you are on your way home. As always, you are in our prayers! Ron & Cathie

  4. Jim Nyffeler

    Phil, if you are passing through Lincoln and want to take a break give me a heads up. I’ll even track Chris B.

  5. Chris Baum

    Phil, you got a place to stay in Lincoln! Kids would love to see you. If you need a riding partner for a few miles I might be able to make it work. It just depends when you get to Nebraska

    • Chris, I’m thinking I might get there Wednesday evening. I’ll definitely take you up on the place to sleep. Keep an eye on my SPOT!

      Phil Tarman Fort Morgan, CO NT700VA — “Dudley” (66,000+ miles) IBA Premier Member # 5811: SS1000 ( x 2) , BB1500 Follow the “Epic Ride” at

      > Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2013 03:54:44 +0000 > To: >

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