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Back in the USA…for maybe 20 minutes

July 31-August 1, Epic Ride, Days 22-23:

Jim and I were back in the USA for 20-30 minutes this afternoon.  We went into Hyder, Alaska, to find road construction blocking us from most of “downtown” Hyder.  The Sealaska Inn didn’t open till 5:00, which meant we would have had to wait for an hour and a half, so we came back to Stewart and checked into a campground.

Tomorrow we’ll get to Prince George and then the next morning we’ll split up as Jim heads back to Wisconsin to volunteer at the Very Boring Rally (put on by Aerostitch in Duluth) and get ready for a caribou hunt in Quebec in September.

I’ll be in Blaine, WA, by Monday and may take a day off before I start the clock on the Four Corners Tour.  If you don’t know about it, the Four Corners is sponsored by the Southern California Motorcycle Club and gives you 21 days to document your presence at the Post Offices in the Four Corners cities of the lower 48:  Blaine, WA; San Ysidro, CA; Key West, FL; and Madawaska, ME.

I don’t have my little black book with me at the restaurant where we ate supper and where we found a Wi-Fi connection, so I can’t give you stats.  I also left the camera at the camp ground so I can’t give you any pictures either.

The ride to Dease Lake from Whitehorse yesterday was good, although the first 1-200 miles of the Cassier was pretty rough and we had a pretty good bit of construction just before Dease Lake.  I saw a red fox (my 2nd of the trip) and got a picture of this one.  It’s not a very good picture, but it wasn’t a very good-looking fox either.  Today I saw a young black bear and got a picture of it.  I didn’t get a great picture.  I probably could have gotten closer, but didn’t want to draw his momma’s attention.

More tomorrow.  I’m pretty sure Prince George has internet.  🙂

Day 21:  Whitehorse, Yukon – Dease Lake, BC:  Day, 434 miles; Trip, 6,714 miles; Year, 12,715 miles.

Day 22, Dease Lake – Stewart, BC:  Day, 277 miles, Trip 6,991 miles; Year, 12,992 miles.

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