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Two Down; Two to Go

Four Corners Tour Day 6, Epic Ride Day 26

P1060106It took six days, but I checked off another Corner of the Four Corners Tour today.  This one was the Post Office in San Ysidro, California.  To get there you ride to Exit 1 of Interstate 805, turn right and go up San Ysidro Blvd for about a mile.  To claim the corner, you have to get a picture of a recognizable landmark (Post Office, Police Station, or a few others that the Southern California Motorcycle Association recognize in each of the “Corner” towns), a gas receipt that shows the date, time, and location on a computer-printed form, and record your odometer reading.


After San Ysidro, I visited Kurt Worden, a fellow member of the Long Distance Riders List, who had graciously printed out the documentation needed for what we’ll be starting tomorrow.  We’ll be attempting what the Iron Butt Association calls a CC-50 (Coast to Coast in 50 hours or less).  It’s not as crazy as it sounds.  And we’re not deeply committed to anything but getting across the country reasonably quickly and completely safely.  Believe me, I’d rather do 1,000 miles on an Interstate than ride 200 miles on California Freeways like they’ve been the last three days!

Kurt did a CC-50 back in March on a Kawasaki Ninja 250.  That’s a bike with an engine less than half the size of our NT700Vs, and many people don’t believe that the NT is “big” enough to ride for long distances.

Kurt also pointed out that I’d forgotten to start my SPOT tracker this morning.  Sorry ’bout that.  But believe me, you didn’t miss much because Rick and I had more opportunity to do the California Freeway Crawl and it finally became so frustrating that we were enticed into trying lane sharing.  He did better at it than I did.  After a few minutes I gave it up and he disappeared down the road.  Of course, he did have a pressing biological need that I didn’t share, so he was more motivated.

After we were separated, he came on straight to the hotel and missed San Ysidro and meeting Kurt.

Tomorrow, it’s eastward ho!

Stats:  Day, 211 miles (for me); Trip, 9,963 miles; Year, 15,860 miles; Total on Bike, 67,915 miles.


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