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A Long Short Day

Four Corners Tour, Day 8; Epic Ride, Day 28:

When I hit the road this morning, I knew I was going to lose an hour to a time change.  I was wrong; I lost two hours!  And on the western side of the Central Time Zone, it gets dark earlier.  I had planned on going to Sonora, TX, before stopping for the night, but it was dark when I got to Fort Stockton and I could see the Motel 6 from the gas station, so I checked in, got a meal, and am getting ready to go to bed.

The only time I’ve driven the highway between San Antonio and El Paso it was at night until we stopped in Van Horn.  It’s all a lot prettier than I had expected so I don’t want to miss more daylight.

I’m going to hit the road at 7AM in the morning to make it to my ex-sister-in-law Kathy and her husband Bob’s house in time for us to go out for Mexican food tomorrow.  515 miles to go, but I’ll start earlier, grab lunch to eat as I ride and save time in general.

A few pictures from today:


Southern Arizona with a UP coal train being passed.


That may look like water in the distance in front of the mountain, but it’s not.  It’s sand.  There were warnings all through New Mexico about blowing dust reducing visibility to nil; but my winds were light.


West Texas (east of El Paso)





An abandoned building near Balmorhea


Sunset over my shoulder


Stats:  Day, 514 miles; Trip, 10,934 miles; Year, 16,807; Total, 68,895 miles.

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