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But At Least It’s Not a Dry Heat…

I needed to make it to Katy, TX, in time to have dinner with my (ex) sister-in-law and her husband today and since I was looking at about a 500-mile ride, I knew I needed to (as my dad used to say) “get my rear in gear.”

I set my alarm for 6:20, had the bike loaded and the SPOT started when I swung my leg over the seat at 6:44.  It was a short ride to McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin and a thermos of coffee.  I left McDonalds at 7:10 and was on the road to watch the sun come up at 7:16.


A sight I don’t see very often!

I got a few more “shadow” shots:


but missed the shadow!

It had been 69 when I left the motel, and an hour later it was up to 80.  I had a few stretches of highway where there gusty winds, but it was never too bad.  By the time I got to San Antonio, the temperatures were up into the high-90s and by the time I got around the Loop it was up to 102.  After I got out of San Antonio, it went back down to 99 for a while, but when I got here, it was 105.  I took a break at a rest area about 70 miles west of here.  From a distance, Dudley doesn’t look as bad as he does up close.  🙂


Stats:  Day, 495 miles; Trip, 11,495 miles; Year, 17,303 miles; Total, 69,391 miles.

Tomorrow I’m heading toward Baton Rouge where Tim Wilke, a fellow-moderator of the NT-Owners Forum is set up to do an oil and filter change for me.

Chuck Frank, a member of the NT-Owners Forum known there as Chuck 500, joined us for supper and by the time he rode “The Horse With No Name from downtown to Katy, his thermometer was reading 110.


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