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Another Day of Rest…

August 26, Epic Ride Day 46:

I spent the day here in Madawaska, doing laundry, hassling my doctor’s nurse, annoying (I’d guess) the pharmacy across the street, visiting with the President of the Madawaska Four Corners Park Association and learning more about the Park.

Barely left the city limits but rode 30 miles.  I also got a zip-tie to secure Shirley’s power cord so it doesn’t interfere with the ignition key.  I’ll pick up my meds around 9 in the morning and be on the way to Nova Scotia.

Stats:  Day, 30 miles; Trip, 15,642 miles; Year, 21,643 miles; Total, 73,616 miles.

(No SPOT track for today.  The SPOT didn’t get turned on.  It’ll be back tomorrow.)

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