Another Day of Rest…

August 26, Epic Ride Day 46:

I spent the day here in Madawaska, doing laundry, hassling my doctor’s nurse, annoying (I’d guess) the pharmacy across the street, visiting with the President of the Madawaska Four Corners Park Association and learning more about the Park.

Barely left the city limits but rode 30 miles.  I also got a zip-tie to secure Shirley’s power cord so it doesn’t interfere with the ignition key.  I’ll pick up my meds around 9 in the morning and be on the way to Nova Scotia.

Stats:  Day, 30 miles; Trip, 15,642 miles; Year, 21,643 miles; Total, 73,616 miles.

(No SPOT track for today.  The SPOT didn’t get turned on.  It’ll be back tomorrow.)

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3 thoughts on “Another Day of Rest…

  1. jerry Gowen Cog 19

    Phil,, let me know when you are in NS, New Foundland and Labrador. Been there and can send you to some awesome places. In NF, the Gros Morne National Park on West coast is a MUST SEE. The boat ride on Western Brook Pond is another MUST DO. You go into a fiord with walls 1500′ ft high. And of course there is L’Anse aux Meadows, a viking historical site. Then take ferry over to Labrador from St Barb to Blanc Salbon Labrador.

    • Jerry, I’m in Moncton, NB, tonight and will get into Nova Scotia tomorrow. I had been debating whether or not to go to Labrador and had been afraid that I might not even have the option. Somehow, one of the ferries to Newfoundland had been out of service and for about a month, to honor their commercial commitments, the ferry people hadn’t been taking any tourists to Newfoundland. But it went back in service early last week.

      I’ll look forward to hearing more of your suggestions. Someone on the NT-Owners Forum told me that I can save money by taking the ferry from NS to PEI (it was free when he did it in that direction) and that the bridge off of PEI is free. It’s about a $17 toll going



  2. Ronald and Cathie Bullock

    How very awesome that you are at day 46, made the 4 corners and are getting to enjoy the beauty of the USA! Congratulations! Looking forward to your words about Nova Scotia. Blessings! Ron and Cathie

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