I’m Camping Again…

August 27:  Epic Ride, Day 47:

Tonight I’m in Moncton, New Brunswick, camping in a Good Sam campground.  After my day of rest, I had a hard time getting going this morning.  I was awake at 7, but didn’t get up till after 8.  I didn’t get away from Martin’s Motel in Madawaska until 11:00-ish and then I had to stop and pick up the prescriptions that took all day to get yesterday.

Customs was easy but it amazes me how such a short distance (I’d ridden maybe a mile when I got onto the bridge over the St John’s River in Madawaska) lets you know very quickly that you’re in a different country!  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I’ve notice how often even arbitrary state lines are accompanied by a significant difference in countryside and culture.  I guess going into a different country isn’t likely to be a gradual transition.


Riding down Canada 2 was a lot different from riding on US-1 in Maine.  It’s an interstate-like road with very good pavement, much wider shoulders, and hardly any traffic.






It’s good to be camping again, although I’m not sure I’m saving a whole lot of money.  This campground (which does have an excellent WiFi connection) cost me $32!

Stats:  Day, 277 miles; Trip, 15,919 miles; Year, 21,920 miles; Total on bike, 73,890 miles.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Camping Again…

  1. Chris Baum

    I am glad you are off to a good start after a day of rest! Have a safe trip in the great white north:)

  2. Elliot Barber

    Congratulations on completing the 4 corner’s tour. Now you’re heading to God’s country (summer home maybe) in Nova Scotia. when our kids were young, we camped every year all over NS. If you’re not on a schedule, you might want to visit Brier Island on the west side of NA. Then, of course, there is the Cabot Trail and one of my favorite places on the Trail is Margaree Harbour (French spelling!) Hope you get a chance to pass through Cape Cod on your way home.


    • Eliot, I’m planning on coming by your place. You get home from Hawaii on 9/15, right? I’ll probably be there on the 16th. So you need to send me your address and/or directions. 🙂

      Phil Tarman Fort Morgan, CO NT700VA — “Dudley” (66,000+ miles) IBA Premier Member # 5811: SS1000 ( x 2) , BB1500 Follow the “Epic Ride” at http://www.ptarman1.com

      > Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 16:48:03 +0000 > To: ptarman1@msn.com >

  3. I couldn’t find my link to your adventures, then I realized today that I bookmarked it on my iPad. Oops! I just did a sermon series on Leaving a Legacy: Outlive Your LIfe

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