One Down, Three to Go…

Rick joined me Sunday night after doing a two day ride from his home in Henderson, NV.  We got up on Monday morning, loaded up, got our beginning pictures documenting the first corner in Blaine:


The International Motel, a friend of Four Corners Riders and


and the Blaine Police Department (while Rick was taking the picture, an officer pulled up with his lights flashing… but he wasn’t after me for being parked in a no-parking zone; he was stopping a scofflaw of some sort).

We rode down I-5 a ways and then went to Annacortes and Whidbey Islands, passing NAS Whidbey.  The entrance is marked by two Grumman A-6s.  Jim and I had talked (during a wait for a construction pilot car east of Tok on our way out of Alaska) to a man who had maintained the radar and computers on one of them when he’d been in the Navy.


We made it to the ferry and had about a half-hour wait till it came in.  Motorcycles are first on and almost first off.  This was the motorcycle gang:


It was foggy all the way to Port Townsend, but cleared off just before we docked.

Traffic from Port Townsend to Port Angeles kept our average speeds pretty low.  And once west of Port Angeles, a law-abiding citizen driving prudently 5mph under the speed limit and ignoring the fact that about 20 vehicles were backed up behind him and the fact that signs said that having more than 5 vehicles slowed down required you to use the turnouts thoughtfully provided by the National Park Service, kept us very slow.  It wasn’t till Forks, that we began to be able to move at the speed limit.

We rode near the coast for a bit and were in fog and temperatures that got down to 48F.  I got chilled and when we stopped at Hoquiam, I put on my heated jacket and used it all the way to Warrenton, south of Astoria.

We found a great seafood place, Doogers, and enjoyed supper before going to the KOA a few miles west of there and being ripped off.  We were charged $50 because the space we were assigned had water and electricity.  What it didn’t have was enough grass to be able to put two tents on it.  Oh, well… it was late and we were glad to get to bed.

Stats for Monday:  Day 1 of the Four Corners ride, 402 miles; Trip, 8,400 miles; My mileage for the year, 14,238.  My total mileage, 66,237 miles.

Day 2 of the Four Corners Ride:

We rode down to Seaside, ate breakfast at McDonalds (Rick and I are 2 for 2 now on that score), got gas and headed south.  I tried to take us to a beach where my first wife and I and some friends were robbed back in 1986, but missed a turn and instead took us on a slow tour of Cannon Beach… the town Cannon Beach, not the beach Cannon Beach.  All the way down to south of Tillamook, where we didn’t try any cheese or go to the Aviation Museum, we crept along.  By that time, we’d decided that while the Oregon coast is beautiful, we only have 19 days remaining to get to Madawaska, Maine, and the Oregon Coast isn’t that beautiful.

We left the coast at Hebo, and took a great road to Salem.  Then we hopped on I-5 and proceeded to cook.  The temperature was in the high 90s and hit 100 for a few minutes.  Scenery went away as we went south because of smoke from forest fires.  Between Grant’s Pass and Medford visibility was down to less than a mile.

When we got to Ashland, we stopped to try to confirm that the campground I ad in the GPS as our destination actually had campsites available.  We couldn’t do that because they wouldn’t answer their phone.  So rather than strike out down the Klamath River Road, CA-99 (a road I used to study from the air as I flew to Oregon back in the day when I worked for Drilco and could fly myself around on business), we called Motel 6 in Yreka, and got the assurance that they’d keep the light on for us.

So that’s where we are.  Motel 6, Yreka, CA.  Tomorrow, it’s the Klamath River Road to Arcata and Eureka.  We’ll get on CA-1 at Leggett, and follow the northern California coast to Mt. Tamalpais and San Francisco.  BTW, I don’t think we’ll get that far tomorrow.  🙂

Stats for Day 2 of the Four Corners Tour:  Day, 420 miles; Trip, 8,820 miles; Year, 14,663 miles;  Total Miles, 66,762.

I’d love to post all the magnificent pictures I took today, but my memory card for the camera was riding along in my trunk, in this computer.  So, I’ll just tell you how great they were.

They  were really, really, REALLY good.

One of the ones I wish I had was a picture of my odometer as it passed a milestone that is (for me) a significant number.  Just south of Roseburg, it turned all sixes:  66,666 miles.

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7 thoughts on “One Down, Three to Go…

  1. Dave

    Wow. I believe that your butt must be sore.

    • Nahh. I’ve got a Russell DayLong Saddle. Other parts must be sore, but my butt has never been even a tad uncomfortable.


  2. Ken Harrell

    Interesting about the slow traffic situation out there. When Paul and I did the Trans America Trail dual-sport ride from Trinidad CO to Port Orford OR, we also noticed the slow pace anywhere the coast might seem remotely tourist-worthy. Last summer’s ride along the west side of Lake Tahoe was the same slow crawl. Even with the economy not fixed yet, there sure are loads of tourist out in at least the scenic spots. The high prices you noticed for the KOA-type camp grounds seems to be the new deal now too…cost about the same as a Motel 6 or other independent motel in some areas.

    You are heading south toward the “Western Center of the Universe”, which of course generates extra heat just because it’s so wonderful down there, so try to stay cool, drink only “organic all-natural filtered spring water”, and plenty of it…one liter per hour at 95-100 degrees, and remember to NOT refill the plastic water bottle….they say that isn’t safe in California. Have fun. Ken

  3. Clint

    If you travel Hwy 1 from Leggett to the bay area stop in Bodega Bay ( where they filmed “The Birds”) but don’t eat. Go farther south to Marshall, Ca and eat at Nick’s Cove. Good food and great view.

  4. I followed the same route from the US entry port last summer south clear to Grants Pass, OR. I got off the Oregon coast and stayed at Hillsboro and stayed off the coast to Grants Pass. I agree that the Oregon coast never impressed me that much. I also was held up by traffic on the very full two-laners once off the ferry and heading south to Astoria. I arrived on a Friday the last weekend before school started up and everyone (!!) was heading to the beaches for one last time.
    BTW: While cars were waiting for hours for the ferry trip, I was on the ferry and upstairs having a cold one in about 5 minutes. The way they allow motorcycles to be on first is AWESOME!

  5. sue aggson

    You have just visited all our favs when we are in Oregon and with the kids. Erin lives in Novato and we have been on Mt Talmopias try Oxford a GREAT place to eat.
    Glad you are having a great time. John is recovering slowly but on the mend thanks for thinking of us.

  6. Hans

    What a nice ride – and without a sore butt 🙂

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