The not-quite-so-supercali… part of the day


We came down a steep and winding CA-154 into Santa Barbara, having enticing views of the city and the sea.  We got onto US-101, looking forward to fast freeway miles spinning out from under our wheels.

By the time we got onto the 101 and into Santa Barbara, we could tell that we were going to wake up in a new world.  Palm trees were everywhere, architecture consisted mostly of red tile roofs and stucco.  The ocean was still blue and we could see the oil-production platforms offshore.

But then, with no warning, the fast-flowing traffic stopped.  And it crawled for 13 miles, with no discernible explanation.  Occasionally, it would get up to 20-25 mph, but then it would stop again.  For over an hour, we crept along, just keeping our focus on staying upright and uncrushed.  Finally, we did get a chance to enjoy freeway speeds for the last 20 miles or so to the motel.

Stats for the day:  Day, 300 miles; Trip, 9,752 miles; Year, 15,608; Total, 67,697 miles.,

BTW, I want you all to know how much I appreciate your comments and suggestions.  BUT we are on the clock and don’t have unlimited time.  So, I’m not skipping sleep to reply to each of you.  I am really glad to have you all along for the Epic Ride.  I value your company as much as I do that of my two great riding partners, Jim Rau and Rick Ryan.  I appreciate them almost as much as I do my loving and supportive wife back in Fort Morgan.  Thanks, Joanne!

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4 thoughts on “The not-quite-so-supercali… part of the day

  1. Jim Rau

    Wow, Phil, I’m flattered. I was affraid that I’d ride off some morning when you ready to go yet and you’d just say “glad he’s gone” and continue on your late schedule rides without my rushing you to go. Clearly our riding schedules were quite different, but we were both experienced enough to figure out how to deal with it. Oh, ya, I have been looking at your start times on the SpotWalla.

    Can’t say I miss the California traffic you guys have hit. That would be hard on me (the country boy). I have seen California though and the diversity throughout the state is impressive. Ride safe and enjoy the rest of your ER.


  2. Chris Baum

    I am enjoying your post! School starts on Tuesday for us here in Nebraska. I don’t think my principal would be happy if I told him I wanted to join you on your epic ride and was going to be gone for 3+ weeks of school.

  3. Kenneth Harrell

    Great pictures from along the coast and the farming country.  You’re doing a great job with your trip blog, it’s good reading and pictures and some of my friends are loving it too, especially my daughter.  She and her husband are heading to the tip of South America in two weeks.    Now when you get down south in California, be sure and take some pictures of the “Beautiful People” because we don’t have any of those here in Fort Morgan.   Later….Ken


  4. Hi Chris (Baum)! Reading Phil’s blog almost feels like you and I are taking another trip with him (but not quite as fun for us).
    Phil – Enjoyed reading about lane splitting in California. The year I lived out there (1982-83) in the Bay Area, I got used to doing it without being stressed out. Also, it seems California drivers have evolved out of necessity to not being as agressive as drivers in states that are still learning how to deal with congestion. Glad you got through most of California without any major issues. A little cooler than Alaska, no?

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