Nova Scotia and a Different Pace

Epic Ride, Day 48:

I’m in Nova Scotia, riding back roads through beautiful country at a much more leisurely pace.

I only did 177 miles Wednesday!  (I’m writing on Thursday morning after eating brunch at a lovely restaurant/art gallery/emporium in Summerville on the Avon Peninsula, which is part of the south shore of the Bay of Fundy.

I started to title this the “Fundy-est Place I’ve ever been.  From the time I rode into Nova Scotia yesterday morning, I was close to the Bay of Fundy.  I rode to Parrsboro, a pretty little town with a good restaurant right on the beach.

If you’re not familiar with the Bay of Fundy, it’s the site of some of the greatest tidal variations anywhere on earth.  I got to the restaurant about 1/2 hour after low tide and watched it rise several feet while I ate clams and enjoyed a conversation with a family at the next table.




I also talked to a young man from Montreal who was riding his BMW G650GS around Nova Scotia.  He spoke very little English and I speak very little French, but we both spoke “Motorcycle Touring.”  🙂

After eating, I continued east on the north shore, stopping to look at Five Islands and the Five Islands Lighthouse.


While eating supper, one of the other diners was a young man pedaling a unicycle 70-80km/day.  For the technically-interested, he had a 36″ wheel and 110mm crank-arms.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like riding down a steep hill on that thing!  He carries a tail-pack and a front-pack on the unicycle and a 27-liter backpack on his own back and camps in a hammock.


Stats for Day 47:  Day, 177 miles; Trip, 16,906 miles; Year, 22,097 miles; Total, 74,067 miles.




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3 thoughts on “Nova Scotia and a Different Pace

  1. Ken Harrell

    Now the unicycle guy is impressive…never saw a “touring unicycle” before. Are you going to ride north around Cape-Bretton Island? Best scenery in Nova Scotia up there.We also did the Marconi Radio museum and tour, which was really well-done with amazing detail. Is it a comfortable morning temperature now? We were there in June and it was 30 degrees some mornings. Ken

  2. You ARE going to visit some of the fabulous yarn shops in NS…aren’t you?! No, wait…that would be me!
    Truly enjoy reading your posts. 🙂

  3. David Huffnagle

    I have been to the Bay of Gundy. It was great and weird too. Are you going or have you gone to Prince Edward island? There is a Catholic church there that serves a great Lobster Diner there.

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